Environmental Training & Certification

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What Do We Certify In?


A naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral.

It consists of mostly Magnesium, Silicates, and Iron.

Lead Based Paint:

Any paint or surface that contains lead equal to or in excess of 1.0 milligram per square centimeter or more than 0.5% by weight. 

Who Must Be Certified?

Anyone performing common practices that include scraping, sanding, demolition, or handling of pipes. 

What People Say About Our Trainings:

"The instructor James Rizk was great. I was dreading sitting in a classroom for an 8 hour course but James made the time fun, he conveyed the information very clearly and made the test taking process a breeze. I would like to thank the staff at OHC/ESHI and James Rizk. The knowledge that I gained made the class worth the time and money." - Martin B.